The Connection

Moore and Associates spends as much time, if not more, than any other recruitment agency to prescreen Candidates using their unique evaluation process. Each Candidate is asked to do a workplace behavioral assessment survey so we know everything possible there is to know about them including what makes them who they are behaviorally. Knowing their behavior or personality relates to a 40% better opportunity to bring the best candidate for a role they are well suited to fill. This happens as a result of having all the information gleaned in the process to evaluate fully before a prospective employer is introduced to the Candidate. It is our belief we come very close to doubling the probability of creating the best fit for our Candidates and Employer / Clients.

A hiring process that includes a full 360 degree perspective of the Candidate as provided by Moore and Associates comes with the knowledge there is a much higher probability the new employee will “on board” faster, be fully engaged sooner, stay longer, and most likely be promotable at some point during their stay. In addition it is statistically proven that monetary remuneration is third on the priority list of a prospective Candidate if they are ideally suited behaviorally for the position hired for. People who are not ideally suited for a position behaviorally can do a good job but if it isn’t something they are structured to do remuneration will be at the top of their priority list. In addition it is highly probable Candidates who are not ideally suited behaviorally to their position will be looking for a change as a result of becoming disenchanted with a position that is not a good fit.

In addition to the 360 degree perspective of the Candidate, Moore and Associates must also fully understand the wants and needs of our Clients. In the process of understanding a Candidate’s behavioral profile we also have tools to help us know the best behavioral fit from the Client perspective as well. This means we can actually verify a behavioral fit early on in the process of evaluating potential Candidates.We can usually determine if the fit is not a good one in the prescreening process and recommend only the best Candidates for interviews.

Moore and Associate’s mandate is to make the best connection possible, not just for our Clients, but also for the Candidates we recommend. We understand the risks involved for both the Candidate and Employer in a change situation. Moore and Associates has a vested interest in making a successful connection as a result of our Client guarantee. For further information on our process and making the best connection please go to our contact page and complete the information requested so we can be in touch.