In earlier comments we stated the best people for key Management, Production, Manufacturing, and Sales roles will be highly sought after in 2012 based on limited availabilty in the open market. This is not a new trend but we are starting to see a much greater interest and activity level in May. The first quarter was relatively slow from a recruitment perpsective which, from our experience, is not the norm. It is apparent a new trend will surface reflecting greater activity in the second half of the first quater and into the last half of the year. At Bob Moore and Associates we have tools which allow us to know when one of your key employees is in a "state of low morale". It is also possible to know when the employee may be a "flight risk". Don't lose the "keepers" in your organization. Please allow us to expand on our tools and methodology where we are well positioned to help you to predict potential concerns with existing staff members and address them prior to a resignation.