Summer has officially arrived and as we approach the end of the school year many people will officially shift into holiday mode. The summer months of July and August bring a different set of challenges for many businesses. Many struggle to cover for people away on holidays and still meet delivery expectations. Others place added emphasis on finding enough business to keep busy in these difficult times. At Bob Moore and Assoicates we believe the summer months provide the perfect opportunity to focus on finding that key employee and prepare for the crucial business period of Labour Day to end of year 2012. Other important activiites to prepare for fall may include succession planning, team building, conflict resolution etc. We have just added some exciting new tools to compliment our "workplace behavioral assessment" capability which enhances our ability to assist Clients with the activities mentioned above. While we do try to enjoy the summer it is our mandate to be available to help with your specific requirments. Please fill in the contact form and we will respond quickly.