Our Recruitment Process

Regardless of what product or service new and existing Clients need our help with it is critical for us to dig deeper than ever before to understand how to deliver the desired results. First and foremost we believe it is important early on to establish credibility and trust where confidentiality is assured. This is important because Moore and Associates needs to become an extension of your company and culture from the outside. Our success depends on knowing as much as we can about your ownership, executive management team, people, overall culture, workflows, value proposition, and corporate goals. The better we know you the greater the potential to deliver results.

With existing Clients one success usually leads to another. As we become part of your team and gain the privilege to have on going discussions about your wants and needs Moore and Associates has a much better chance to deliver results within our scope of products and services. With the privilege of becoming a repeat resource for our Clients, Moore and Associates is always available to take part in planning and brainstorming sessions where we welcome the opportunity to contribute by bringing our knowledge and insight based on a broader exposure to our sector. To our valued Clients we make the commitment that you will hear from us on a regular basis and we will strive to constantly be on the look out for talent and opportunities in keeping with your corporate goals and vision.

For new Clients Moore and Associates is prepared to invest the time and energy to understand your recruitment and staffing requirements. This usually starts with some form of initial contact, and if we feel we can help, moves quickly to a face to face meeting. At a first meeting we pledge to listen intently and gather as much information as possible about how we can help. It may be possible to advise immediately in that first meeting if we can help. We may need to go away and do some additional research and thinking before reaching a conclusion. The second step may be a complete formal presentation prompting further discussion and information gathering. From there we would submit our “letter of understanding” proposal summarizing the meeting detail, results to be delivered, fee structure, and approval mechanism. With approval we will get started immediately as we appreciate the urgency of most activity in this business environment.

For individual candidates looking for our help to find a new position we are prepared to invest considerable time to understand your background, current employment status, and career change wants and needs. As with Corporate Clients we are prepared to dig deeper with individual candidates to accomplish the best fit for all. Please go to the Candidates page for further information.

Moore and Associates encourages and welcomes your inquiry about our products and services. Please reach out to us with our commitment to respond quickly and confidentiality. We will respond to your inquiry in many cases the same day, but certainly within 24 hours.

Last year when I found myself suddenly unemeployed, I immediately called Bob Moore. I had worked with Bob previously and found him both professional and knowledgable. He focused on my core skills, qualifications and employment expectations and with his extensive graphic arts connections and negotiating style, he was able to find me a rewarding new position in a relatively short time. I would not hesitate referring a friend or colleague to Bob.

Steven Stuart-Lyon - Print Estimating Manager